The User Research Lab

consists of a live-network in eight countries to generate specialized knowledge for content providers. This network performs long-term research focusing on digital news, observing user needs and trends.
For that purpose the participants of our international network regularly document their media behaviour in a specialized digital media diary. This allows researchers to analyse media usage in real-time as well as in the long run.
Instead of fuelling the big data pool, the User Research Lab provides so called thick data: Insights into the qualitative level of media behaviour, such as emotions, atmospheres, context, or sense making of media use. An additional ÔÇťSleeping NetworkÔÇŁ of local ethnographers can be activated at all times to back up the data by further analysis and ethnographic observation.

"The User Research Lab enables us to rely not only on analytics, digital trend analysis or user testing for product development; we can now understand motives and needs as behaviours evolve and have the longitudinal view rather than simply offer an in-depth snapshot which can be the limitations of many approaches.

This project enables us to turn around insight in 24hrs. Report it to editors so they can act on it while the story is still live."

Anne Barnsdale, Head of Audiences, World Service at BBC News